About The Center

The gay-affirming community rightly focuses on providing gay Christians with both online and real-world places of safety and refuge, where we can congregate and fellowship without being bombarded with messages of opposition and outright hostility that characterizes so much of our lives. But, we must be careful not to allow that essential function of the affirming community to be its only function.

I created the Center For Affirming Theology to provide all Christians with place to get an understanding of affirming theology, not from the vitriolic, rhetoric-filled traditionalist venues that have so grossly mischaracterized the affirming movement, but from an affirming perspective. Because this is a theologically conservative ministry—believing that God is the ultimate source of all Scripture, and that, consequently, Scripture is infallible in all matters of faith—I hope to open non-affirming eyes to the fact that one can, indeed, hold Scripture in the highest regard, yet fully affirm homosexuals and homosexuality.

To accomplish this goal, I’ve provided non-affirming Christians with what we so often wish they would provide to us—a safe, non-judgmental place to work through the theological issues associated with sexual orientation. My three-pronged approach is to foster an environment that will allow them to:

Educate themselves about affirming theology from the perspective of an affirming Christians, especially a theologically conservative one who shares their view of Scripture. While I can’t force anyone to believe anything, I can at least expose non-affirming Christians to the biblical merit of our case, and leave it to their own conscience whether or not to consider it objectively.

Express themselves freely without retaliation, judgment, or condemnation. Unless people can openly share where their beliefs, opinions, and points of disagreement are, the Christian community is going to continue to wallow in the mire of assumption, and in the divisive isolation that has created a highly antagonistic us-versus-them paradigm. That said, my intention is to keep this community hostility-free. To that end, I expect and demand that all discourse remain civil and Christlike.

Evolve in their understanding of homosexuality. I have no doubt that when non-affirming Christians expose themselves to affirming theology with an open heart, they will, at the very least, gain an appreciation for the challenges gay Christians face. Even if they don’t change their theological beliefs, the potential exists for them to at least let go of the misleading rhetoric traditionalists have fed them for years.

So far, I have focused on this website’s purpose toward non-affirming Christians. But understand that this site is also a resource for affirming Christians. Not only is it important to fill in the gaps in our theological beliefs, but it’s also important to engage with those who disagree with us. One of the reasons that traditionalists have been so successful in controlling people’s perception of homosexuals is that they’ve been the only voices describing us—and their descriptions have been nothing more than flat-out propagandist lies. For example, there is no “lifestyle” or “agenda” that we engage in except the desire to live our lives free of the tyranny of non-affirming beliefs. If that’s an “agenda” (with its negative connotation), then maybe there is a gay agenda.

Ultimately, I hope to create a better Christian community for all people—one of transparency, humility, and compassion for all of God’s children, and especially for those who cannot exist within the heteronormative paradigm that so many Christians believe is obligatory for all believers.

Welcome To The Center!