Statement of Faith

Although The Center For Affirming Theology is a community comprised of people from many Christian traditions, the site’s official position on important aspects of the Christian faith is that:

  • there is one true and living God, who eternally manifests Himself in three distinct and co-existent ways: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus is God in the flesh, the Lord of the Church, and the only means of redemption and eternal life.
  • the Holy Spirit personally indwells every born again believer, and earnestly desires to empower all believers through His infilling presence.
  • the Bible is inspired of God, and reveals a portion of God’s infinite word sufficient for life and godliness. As such, the principles contained therein are authoritative in matters of faith and doctrine (principles, not face-value texts, which are directed toward specific people, living in a specific socio-religious context that doesn’t always reflect modern circumstances).
  • salvation is an expensive gift that has been paid in full by the death of Jesus Christ, and is freely offered to all who, by belief in His bodily resurrection, accept Him as their personal savior.
  • the Lord calls all believers to the pursuit of holiness, the fellowship of the brethren, and above all else, a life committed to expressing His heart of love to both God and neighbor.
  • we have real adversaries in Satan and his demonic host, whose intention it is to tempt us into sin and error as individuals, sow discord within the collective Body, and deceive us by twisting God’s word of truth and using it as a force for condemnation and destruction, rather than life and liberty.
  • all LGBT Christians should have full and unrestricted access to fellowship within the Christian Body, including appointments to any and all positions of ministry.
  • the Bible, rightly interpreted and applied through the lens of love, affirms all consensual marital unions (be they spiritual and/or legal) between people regardless of sexual or gender orientation and/or gender identity.